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16 Responses

  1. Christine Lalaine says:

    At first I saw her spinning counter-clockwise, and then I forced myself to see her turning clock-wise. Now I can’t see her as anything but clock-wise. Weird.

  2. Christine Lalaine says:

    As I was reading the article, I saw her in my peripheral vision turning counter-clockwise. When I looked full on, she was going clockwise again. Tricky little dancer.
    P.S. Why did I hyphenate “clock-wise” above? Hyphens are fun, I guess. Use-them-frequently.

  3. Gene P. says:

    That’s bullcrap. Look closely and you’ll see the bitch change her feet, and thus, her direction.
    It’s just an optical illusion.
    OK so it did confuse the shit out of me for the first 2 minutes. Then I just took note of which leg was raised, and then it’d change a few seconds later.

  4. vincenzo says:

    she’s hot

  5. Michelle says:

    I think you’re well balanced.
    The first time I viewed the site, I saw clockwise. Then i read the text. When I looked back at the image, she looked like she was going counter clockwise.
    Wondering what the heck happened, I refreshed the browser. This time and for the whole time, she was dancing clockwise.
    Hm. I think I’m right brained, anyway and this confirms that.

  6. Skazius says:

    I see her turn both directions, too and can even decide which direction I want her to go. Pretty cool.

  7. Daggz says:

    Just follow the bend in her elbow. Right-arm bent is clockwise and Left-arm bent is counter-clockwise.

  8. carolyn says:

    she doesn’t switch her feet, nor direction, and you don’t have to refresh your browser!
    our web designer/programmer saw it going left and i looked on HER screen at the same time and i saw it going right. what a trip! it’s definitely in your head, not in the animated gif. 😉

  9. Deb says:

    Actually, she’s kinda’ freaking me out. If I think clockwise, she goes clockwise and if I think counter clockwise she’ll go that way also. I decided to click off because I swear I heard my brain whisper, “jump off the page and scare the living sh*t out of Debbie.”

  10. Marina says:

    No matter how hard I look or concentrate, she goes counterclockwise. Which is odd because I’m left handed and supposed to be right brain dominant.

  11. Gene P. says:

    She DOES change her feet. You don’t have to refresh or anything. Just scroll up or down a little, and you’ll see her left foot raised change to her right foot raised. This thing is no test, it’s just an optical illusion. Just pay attention and you’ll clearly see her feet (and hands raised) change.

  12. Gerard says:

    Sorry Gene P. she DOES NOT change her feet. Examine the gif images separately in the animation, it’s legit. It is a weird test and yes it’s also and optical illusion. The raising of limbs you observe can be attributed to your mind forcing the dominant eye change to the other side, it’s a new perspective you are not normally used to. It seems to change direction because you concentrate on the change. Try getting everyone in your office or family to tell you what direction she is turning at the same time, don’t explain why, or explain the illusion or explain how you think it is accomplished, I can almost guarantee that some will say the opposite of you.

  13. donna says:

    why do they have to design the girl with NHO’s!?
    ugh…i bet it was a guy who designed her.
    anyway, i see clockwise!!

  14. Christine Lalaine says:

    My husband and I got into a debate about this dancer. I guess we’re not the only ones. But here’s some clarification:
    Of course it’s an optical illusion. But by that definition, it’s all in how you perceive the image–the image itself doesn’t and can’t change because it has no “real” direction. And no, it doesn’t really have anything to do with right-brain or left-brain dominance. I still think it’s an interesting exercise on perception and perspective, though.

  15. Gene P. says:

    I can’t believe people don’t see the change in her feet.
    This isn’t a mirror image where the left foot is suddenly perceived to be the right foot.
    Her breasts clearly mark which foot is right and left. Her raised foot changes every once in a while. I did show it to others in my office (a bunch of cynical, jaded journalists) and they all saw the same thing. I can’t believe there’s even debate about this.
    Maybe this was the experiment after all? To get all of the Oceanic nations to argue about this stupid gif?

  16. Gerard says:

    1. No there isn’t any change in her feet. What you see is the illusion! You have no definitive reference point, such as light bouncing her arm, or feet, so you can’t tell. If any graphic artist remembers the effects of positive and negative space, i.e. the black and white objects in a box exercise. You will remember that certain shapes can look like it is approaching you to some and going away to others. For example, you see the male and female silhouette on bathrooms? Are they facing toward you or away from you? Pedestrian silhouettes? Left side or right side? How do you know? Whether it makes sense they face one way or the other doesn’t matter.
    2. Yes, whole body raises up and down throughout the revolution. But that has no bearing on the animation. Observe the shadow that rotates along.
    3. Trust me! Save the gif and open it in Adobe Imageready, I know you photographers and graphics profesional have it. Examine the animation stills frame by frame, fast, slow, there are only 34 frames, and you’ll see there is no animation frame trick. No switch of feet, or other body parts. Any frame in itself can be perceived as her facing away, or facing toward.
    4. There is a debate, because it can be seen, and for some, like me, it can be changed at will. Some can’t, but don’t feel left out. It’s your perception that changes her direction.
    5. Again…frame for frame she doesn’t change her feet!

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