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Rick’s Reef

It was low tide all afternoon on Sunday and the sea was gentle so it was an ideal time for me to snorkle Rick’s Reef for the first time. Rick’s is right behind Palace Hotel in Oka Tamuning. On good surf days you’ll see surfers and bodyboaders littered across the water. On that day there were no surfers, only a handful of fishermen walking the reef. One of them showed me his catch–about 8 rabbitfish were strung on a line, all of which he caught with his talaya (“net”). He told me he wasn’t doing so well that day; just the day before he cast his net and caught enough to fill his line. Today, hardly anything. I wished him luck and followed Addi onto the reef.
Since it was low tide we had to walk out a ways before it was deep enough to swim so I wore my reef booties and left the fins behind. When I got in the water and looked down I was immediately caught up by the sight of all the fish and the colors of the reef. I loved Gab Gab, but I have to say Rick’s makes Gab Gab look like a dead reef in comparison. I can’t emphasize how beautiful it is out there. Addi fed the fish hotdogs, we swam out further and watched a couple of outrigger canoes and jet skis go by. I was really hoping to spot a dolphin since Addi told me one morning he was out there sitting on his board and he saw a school of dolphins swim by. I didn’t see one. Maybe next time.
Unfortunately these are the only shots that came out, and they do not do the reef justice. I’m going to buy the underwater housing for the Cyber-shot. Anything’s got to be better than the disposables we’ve been using.
You’re like, so where are all the fish? They were there, honest!
I took one of him.
He took one of me.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Josie! That’s so cute (the pictures). I have yet to check out Rick’s Reef. I recall seeing a brief on it in this Dive, Snorkel, Guide, Hike book I bought from MDA — I wonder where my copy went.
    It’s wonderful how you and your hubb seem to do everything together. 🙂

  2. Josie says:

    Thanks Michelle! And thanks for mentioning the book you got from MDA. I’d like to get one.
    I guess sometimes it does look like we are joined at the hip! But between long work days and Addi’s surf schedule (he leaves the house at 6 AM) there is a lot of time that is spent apart. We try to make up for it during the weekends. 🙂

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