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5 Responses

  1. Ang says:

    Josie.. dayum.. that almost look like a place in hawaii.. damn i don’t remember which island..lol.. it was a long time ago..

  2. trench says:

    Where do you guys find the energy and time to do all these things! Diving, Surfing, Hiking! I hardly have any free time.

  3. Josie says:

    We try to do one thing a weekend, and it usually doesn’t take longer than a few hours. On this hike we started out at 9:00 and we were home by 2:00. Still gives us enough time to take care of chores and stuff. lol

  4. Ang says:

    Whatever Josie josie…
    she is really superwoman on the weekends and addie is the guy in love w/ superwoman.. lol.. i don’t remember the guys name.. She can whip up a cheesecake in a matter of minutes, clean the house w/ a blink of an eye.. and is able to hike on hills at tremendous speeds..

  5. Josie says:

    Yeah right! haha
    Actually, everything Ang says is pretty accurate except the part about whipping up a cheesecake. Unless buying one at the bakery counts. lmao

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