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Recent good things

Reading is my new Thursday night Must-See TV. Until CSI comes on, that is. Currently reading Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden. Just finished Wifey by Judy Blume (Thanks to C). Do you have a ‘next-up’ to recommend?
I’ve become The Sushi Monster. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. By the way I want it all the time you’d think I was pregnant.
But I’m not.
Grey’s Anatomy.
Ever since I broke up with Alias I’ve been looking for a show to fill the void and I think this is it. The episode two weeks ago made me cry. Cry! That’s good tv.
I’ve successfully whittled down the number of tv shows I make a point to watch regularly to 3 (not counting the Six Feet Under series we’re going through on dvd). Aren’t you proud? Less time watching tv = more time for books and sushi.
Chicken Little.
This film didn’t wow me the way Pixar feature films usually do, but it was still a delight to watch. Fish Out Of Water was my favorite character. I love hearing little kids laugh out loud together in the theater.
I am so touched that a friend of mine has entrusted me with a most wonderful secret. I feel loved and special and honored and what can I say? You like me, you REALLY like me!
Audrey Tautou.
I just watched A Very Long Engagement on dvd and is there anyone in the world cuter than Audrey Tautou? I can’t think of anyone.

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9 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    ok, I’ll bite. Why did you break up with Alias?

  2. Josie says:

    Well it started when I missed the season 5 premiere and then the first couple of episodes after because I kept forgetting the show’s timeslot had changed. When I tried picking up from the fourth episode, it was just too hard to follow and I kinda just gave up. Also, the last couple of seasons haven’t been great (the last season was just horrible) and I’ve just lost interest.

  3. inna says:

    i haven’t given up (yet)- but the other night, i dreamt about michael vaughn. i’m looking for a good weekend to rent the early seasons and watch an alias maraton, maybe with sushi take out or thai delivery.
    btw- if you are pregnant, sushi with raw stuff is definitely a NO. that’s what i missed most when i was pregnant with kai.
    good books read lately- well, i’m studying, so no fun reading for me for a while.
    take care.

  4. fabmimi says:

    Oooooh I’m so with you on Grey’s Anatomy…and your “Secrets” fetish is just adorable!!

  5. Joie says:

    Mimi and I are really hooked on Grey’s Anatomy.
    I took joshie to watch Chicken Little and he enjoyed the show. It is a lot more fun watching it in a movie theater with a bunch of kids. Joshie is walking around with the “alien kid” bobble head that we fished out of cocoa krispie’s cereal box. Josh enjoyed the musical numbers and I could tell he was really into it b/c he was really excited during the parts where chicken little was running around.

  6. Ang says:

    secrets huh.. someone got a fetish.. lol..
    uhm.. is it really still a secret if you tell someone about it..lol..
    just wanted to comment..

  7. Josie says:

    It is still very much a secret because I haven’t disclosed the 5 W’s and H:
    who, what, when, where, why & how.
    (My old journalism teacher would be so proud that I remember the 5W’s & H!)

  8. rhia says:

    if you’ve read the da vinci code, audrey tautou is going to play sophie. i’m excited and i can’t wait til next year. the movie is out in may ’06.

  9. C says:

    Grey’s Anatomy is like my personal tv crack (along with the other 20 shows I watch regularly).
    I’m trying to think of a good book. Oh – Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros it’s so vivid and pretty. Or The Lovely Bones by Alice Seabold, both really great.

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