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Racking Up Mileage

I’m gearing up for my first trip to “The States” in 15 years. I’ll be in Houston for 2 days for Julie and Ken’s wedding and then up to Boise to spend Thanksgiving with my father, sister and niece. I just know there’s going to be some culture shock…hopefully no jet lag. I’ve started fasting in preparation for a Krispy Kreme explosion.
My flight itinerary is crazy. Guam to Tokyo to LA to Houston. Then Houston to Minneapolis to Boise. Then Boise to Portland to Tokyo to Guam. All of the stops are under 3 hours. I am super excited about this adventure!
I hope you are doing well. Are you?

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2 Responses

  1. Arnold Lucero says:

    Enjoy the trip Josie! Best part is it won’t be hot and humid in Houston this time of year. Go easy on the KK donuts; your blood sugar is sure to rise on one too many of them bad boys!

  2. Lescentive says:

    stay hydrated.. lol.. wow.. Mike is going to meet your dad.. that is great.. I know things will be fine.. Have a safe flight all the way home to Guam..

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