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Question Air (Part 2 of 4)

Questions taken from an interview with Mark Morris in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, altered accordingly. (I took this idea from Lance Arthur.)
Idea of the perfect party: A small, intimate gathering of favorite friends over a favorite meal that I didn’t prepare. Everyone gets presents.
Topic you wouldn’t bring up at a party: Politics, because it tends to lead to serious and emotionally charged discussions. Lighten up! It’s a party!
Fictional character you most identify with: Alice in Wonderland, for I still struggle with transitioning from child to adult.
Favorite decorating technique: Rearranging furniture. It’s cheap!
Thing in your house you’re fussiest about: I don’t think it’s fussy, but I do believe everything belongs in its proper place.
Procrastination technique: Wait until the night before and pull an all-nighter. But as I get older it is becoming harder and harder to do that (the staying up all night part). So I usually call for an extension (if it’s possible) or charm my way into more time. And I can be very charming when I need to be.
Guilty pleasure: Oh, so many. Chick-lit books, filesharing, People From Guam, Kylie Minogue and the tv show Desperate Housewives
What’s by your bedside: a stack of books, a reading lamp, an alarm clock and the clicker for the air-conditioner

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