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Question Air (Part 1)

Questions taken from an interview with Mark Morris in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, altered accordingly. (I took this idea from Lance Arthur.)
Best household chore: Dusting. I like how fresh the house feels after a good dusting. And dusting is easier than ever now that Pledge disposable wipes exist. Laundry is a close second-best.
Fantasy career: At the moment it’s skydiving photographer/videographer. I could, however, change my mind within the hour. What I REALLY wish I were right now is RETIRED.
Favorite place to shop: Online. I do as much as I can online in order to avoid crowds and lining up: shop, bank, pay bills, rent movies. When grocery shopping online becomes available to me, people, I am SO THERE.
Superstitions: None whatsoever. I don’t believe in luck, good or bad.
Morning routine: Wake at 5:45, snuggle for 15 minutes, and rise at 6:00. Shower and dress for work, hair & makeup, drink half a glass of milk with vitamins, out the door by 7:10. By 7:30 I’m checking my email and sipping coffee whilst reading weblog updates via Bloglines.
Evening routine: There is variation on weekends, but most weeknights are very dull indeed. On a typical weeknight I’m home by 6:00. Dinner, some television, some reading, maybe some exercise. Tonight I start taking dressmaking lessons, so there’s a stick in the fan for you. I’m usually asleep by 10:00.
Favorite memento: My wedding band. Aside from that, the pictures I take will always be treasures to me.
Favorite place in the house: The bedroom. It is my sanctuary.

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  1. bre says:

    I wish I were retired, too. It is such a shame to feel this way at 31.

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