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Quarantine Quips

On FaceTime, my nine-year-old nephew Koa is showing me around his room. “That’s Alexa,” he says, pointing to something off-camera. “She tells the time and reads stories.”

I ask if Alexa can do other things like make breakfast. Koa thinks before answering. The idea has never occurred to him. “I don’t think so.”

“ALEXA!” I shout so she can hear me in Georgia. “Alexa, make me breakfast!”

We go silent and wait. Just when I think she won’t respond, a small voice speaks up.

“I can’t do that but … would you like a recipe?”

It’s the way she says it, like the idea never occurred to her either, that is so funny. Koa howls with laughter. “Oh my god. That‘s awesome!” He can’t stop laughing.

As I’m looking at him through my phone, it strikes me how laughter can instantly and effectively boost my mood and charge my energy, even when I don’t think I need boosting or charging. It’s infectious in the best possible way.

Anyway. After that, Koa moved on to demonstrate his talent for armpit farting.

Ugh. Boys.

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