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QotD: Pants on Fire

>Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself.
When I was a kid, I shoplifted Archie comic books from this one bookstore until I got caught trying to stuff a double digest down my pants. The clerk who caught me asked for my parents’ names & numbers. I gave her fake names and numbers.
When I was in high school, I took first place in an islandwide science fiction short story writing contest and my story got published in a magazine. I was 16 and I won a hundred bucks. The second place winner was a 50 year old man.
When I was 19, I hated the taste of coffee but had a huge crush on a boy who worked in a coffee shop. When I knew he would be working, I’d go in and order a latte, sit in the corner and force myself to drink it down. I eventually acquired the taste for coffee and now love it. To this day whenever I drink a latte, I am reminded of him.
Can you guess which ones are the truths and which one is the lie?
Tell me yours.

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9 Responses

  1. Jason Salas says:

    Great story about the Archie books, Jos. 🙂
    – The saddest day in my life was when Joe Montana got traded from the 49ers. Utter sacrilege.
    – I was commander for my high school’s color guard unit, and we represented Guam in a regional drill meet in San Diego after winning the local competition (we took 3rd in the mainland).
    – I once displayed Herculean strength by yanking a plaster mold of my pre-braces grill out of my mouth because I started gagging on the material. Not bad for a 9-year-old.
    – Many people don’t know this, but I’m completely self-taught as a programmer. I’ve never taken a single computer science class in my life. All it cost me was my social life and sanity.
    – I’ve got a photographic memory…which I’ve come to learn is the genetic tradeoff I’ve had to accept for being lactose intolerant.
    – Believe it or not, my best friend and I, while working at Blockbuster in 1991, conceived the notion for what is now NetFlix.
    – I’m the only person I know that doesn’t think skunks give off a foul odor (hey, growing up on Guam, I was exposed to roadkill baking for 3 days in 90-degree heat. Now THAT’S funky.)
    – I never lost my voice due to illness at all in my first 30 years of life…and have lost it 6x in the past three years. Makes anchoring the news rather challenging.
    – I once ate an entire family-size platter of microwave lasagna at one sitting while I had the Chicken Pox my freshman year in high school.
    – I didn’t finish my first beer until I was 20…and only because a girl I was checking out dared me to do it.
    – I’ve always believed that staying at home and enriching your mind can be as enjoyable as going out and killing brain cells.

  2. Christine Lalaine says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t find the skunk smell to be as bad as most people do, too. It’s not that I can’t smell it– it’s just different and I don’t have the same reaction other people do to it. I guess I’m not the only weirdo out there. (Unless that statement was one of your un-truths.)
    Josie, I don’t think you took the Archie books.

  3. vanilla ice says:

    1. I once killed a rampaging rabies infested full sized pitbull. 3 chickens. 5 octopi. and 2 brown tree snakes. all with my bare hands. all in the same day. it was a rambo sans gun day.
    2. in middle and high school I was the porn dealer. sure there were drug dealers but I made more money than 4/5 of them by selling hustlers and playboys. I also bought videos wholesale for $3 then sold them for 20 to 30 bucks each. the best sellers were always the “college girl” videos and mags. I got into all the cool parties and tons of free drugs. apparently it’s easier to get drugs than porn.
    I even used my moms cc to place orders but she never knew what it was for.
    3. paypal (ebay) owes me more than 4k. needless to say the ssobs refuse to cough it up.

  4. Brian J Que says:

    Hmmm…. I remember the science fiction story being true. And you love coffee as much as I do, but like you I didn’t acquire that taste until my early 20’s- especially for latte’s.
    And as far as I can tell you were a very reserved child, so shoplifting would not have been your thing. And I would imagine you would have been way too fearful to give the store owner your parents fake phone numbers….
    So I say the first story is the lie.

  5. inna says:

    i do remember an old post(?) of the short story writing…no to the archie comic books and maybe on the coffee boy crush…
    i once stayed in the whole summer because a boy that just moved into our neigborhood told everybody he’d kiss me next time he sees me. true or false?

  6. fabmimi says:

    number 3 is your lie.
    -i once killed an entire litter of kittens with a plastic yellow bat.
    -i once got a “free” 5G 60GB ipod from the Apple Store because they accidentally put in my shopping bag and i only realized this days later.
    -when i was in labor, i sang whitney houston’s “why does it hurt so bad?” out loud to myself over and over. it made up for my decision to stay painkiller-free
    -i used to play the electric guitar in high school and was in the band for our annual songfest production in my senior year
    -my big toenail on both my feet have fallen off twice due to injury.
    -i once answered a casting call to audition on the Amazing Race. I got shortlisted but couldn’t take time off from school because it was my last semester of Architecture school and the filming would not have been done until after graduation.
    -i am a tragic mess at bowling…with a whopping record score of 17 in 10 frames.
    -when i bought my manual transmission car, i couldn’t drive it until 3 weeks later because it took me that long to learn how to drive it.
    -i don’t know how to follow your directions.
    …my lie?

  7. Josie says:

    Believe it or not, #3 is my lie. 🙂

  8. christine says:

    i think the first one is a lie, and the last two are truths.

  9. Nicole says:

    I can’t tell as I haven’t been here long enough to know you 😉 But I think the last story is too cute and seems so real. Ahh, teenage years.
    Hmm, two truths and one lie… I’ll have to give that a thinkin’…

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