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QotD: House Rules

>What were the main household rules when you were growing up?
No shoes on in the house.
– Before ANYTHING else, make rice when you get home from school.
– Stay on the block and be home BEFORE the streetlights turn on (elementary & early teens).
– No leaving the table until your plate is clean.
Remember the scene in Mommy Dearest when Christina sat at the table all day because she didn’t want to eat her rare steak? Yeah, that was me on more than one occasion.
>What are the rules in your own house now?
Now you.

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4 Responses

  1. Mommy Dearest *shiver* NO WIRE HANGERS!!!
    Anyway, I too had the lights on rule and the no shoes rule, as well as…
    – no crossing the street by myself (also lasting into the early teens… I kid…)
    – no TV until after homework was done
    – no eating anywhere but the kitchen table (I was messy…)
    I’m sure there were tons more, but I can’t think of any at this moment. Furthermore, Johnny and I are not in a heating discussion about whether or not our kids will be allowed to watch TV during the week… lol!

  2. I need to edit that last comment. Where is your edit button?? Anyway, now in a discussion, not not in a discussion.
    House rules now: pick up after yourself, shoes off in the house, lights out before leaving, don’t bother me when I’m blogging.

  3. ang/les says:

    too funny…
    clean my room on more than one occasion, and be home before the sunsets… i rode my 10 speed bike everywhere.. and was gone once i got home after school..
    always lock the doors before you go to bed and do your damn homework when u get home not after dinner.. too funny.. my son pulls this one on me now..

  4. tricia says:

    Oh my god. I had to make rice the minute I got home from school as well! HAHA

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