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11 Responses

  1. inna says:

    highschool: aqua net
    college: ‘block and white’ lotion (skin whitener)

  2. Michelle says:

    80s: teased wave bangs, tri-color slouch socks, skorts, denim and lace, saying things are “mod” and “new wave” oh, and NEON.
    90s: chunky highlights, black-rope chokers with a smiley-face pendant, Lennon shades, patchwork skirts, slip dresses, Doc Marten’s, Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower
    … you know, I wish I had still my Doc Marten’s. I’d wear them now!

  3. Joephet says:

    Wait a minute. So leggings is a bad thing? I didn’t get that memo. And, what exactly is the girl doing to her hair?

  4. fabmimi says:

    knee-high socks in all varieties, purple hair in all shades, dark lip liner, and yes the wonderful wave with the uber tease!!

  5. Brian J Que says:

    I *ahem*… *cough cough* had ummmmm…. *ahem*…. a mullet.

  6. Annalynn says:

    A perm that was bigger than my entire body.

  7. tricia says:

    you know, leggings are very right now in new york. i personally refuse to wear them because as if i need to show the whole world the exact shape and size of my thighs, but lots of girls wear them w/ boots and oversized cable sweaters. the ’80s are back!
    i think my greatest fashion blunder was when i went through my grunge phase during high school. i spent a lot of time and effort trying to look as though i didn’t care, lol!
    p.s. the girl in the picture is crimping her hair.

  8. Gerald says:

    I use to wear socks up to my knees with printed shorts. I was one of those unfortunate to own a pair of mc hammer parachute pants and criss cross jeans in the colors of purple, orange, and green. And when I was skinnier, I use to dawn on a mesh t-shirt. Don’t judge me!

  9. resuri says:

    i vaguely recall owning a pair of (ugh) tapered jeans and sporting a pair of jelly shoes. shh…don’t tell.

  10. brent says:

    inna won’t let me wear my snake skin cowboy boots. are they out of style?

  11. christine says:

    haha, i cut my own bangs once. there was the brown loafers and dress, the white canvas sandals. i used to be lazy as a kid and donut roll my white socks. lmfao. there’s more, but i’m too ashamed of myself. haha.

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