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Putting Out Fires

Dear friends,
This is my response to the news story and opinion in today’s Marianas Variety (printed story on page 4 and opinion on page 9) in regards to holding Jessica’s fundraiser “in a bar” for “binge drinking.”
When we met to formulate and plan this fundraiser we were very careful to be sensitive about the issue of drinking. Firstly, yes, Colors Restaurant/RED has a bar on its first floor. However, the fundraiser is being held upstairs in the dining area and dinner is going to be served. Secondly, anyone who has been to a fundraiser on Guam knows that it’s customary to receive a complimentary beverage (almost always alcohol) with your $10 ticket. At Jessica’s fundraiser you will receive a complimentary glass of non-alcohol Rockstar energy drink (this is written clearly on the ticket).
I’m not angry with the critics because I was on guard and expected this. I just want to set the record straight that we are in NO WAY promoting the consumption of alcohol and/or binge drinking at this fundraiser, and that a lot of thought and careful consideration went into the planning. In fact, there is no mention of drinking and no alcohol sponsor logo on any of the flyers or tickets.
Another thing. In today’s Marianas Variety story on page 4, it says “Jessica is the mother of a toddler who she had left with others the day of the accident.” Left with “OTHERS”? I believe Sunday is the day Mason regularly spends with his father. I am not trying to bring Mason or Chris into this but I hate the way the story implies that she just put her kid somewhere and went off to do her thing.
To avoid further speculation and/or misguided information, I’d be happy to personally answer any and all your questions about the fundraiser. I’ll be on Patti Arroyo’s show today on K-57 to personally respond to the criticism. Please forward this and repost and let’s continue to move forward and focus on the immediate task at hand: helping our friend recover from a tragic accident.
One last thing. If any of the critics would like to organize a fundraiser for Jessica that they are 100% comfortable with, please let me know when those fundraisers are scheduled so that I can come out and support.
Thank you all.
Josie Moyer

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7 Responses

  1. wymesei says:

    Well put. I can certainly appreciate the point Variety is trying to make and this is definitely a great opportunity to make a statement. It is unfortunate that the authors jumped at that opportunity without doing the research to confirm whether the facts fit into the picture they were trying to paint. As a former binge drinker myself, I am the last person entitled to point a finger. Some people have the ability to drink responsibility. For those of us who don’t, alcohol is a bottomless pit of grief that is best steered clear of.
    Anyway, I should be writing this on my own blog. Best of luck on your fundraiser. Jessica and her family are in my prayers every day.

  2. Les says:

    Well said josie, when did newspapers start identifying victims of car accidents, didn’t he need to get the release first? not sure of the legalities of his article.. I’ve thrown alot of fundraisers at bars that encourage drinking with sponsors.. didn’t see any of that on your advertisement for the fundraiser, I was under the assumption it was a dinner for friends to get together, suppport and pray for her speedy recovery. I normally don’t read MV, mostly because of articles like the one mentioned.
    Whatever the case may be, Josie you have our full support in all your endeavors..
    Love ya..

  3. b says:


  4. Sabete says:

    It’s just bad journalism to not speak to the people throwing the fundraiser for their side and use a “confidential source” for all your information. They didn’t even speak to Jessica’s family and get a statement from them. It’s too nonspecific to be really credible. It’s also obviously biased towards their editorial. Lazy news gathering, if you ask me. (From my copy editing perspective, anyway.)
    That said, keep on keepin’ on, Josie. Go Team Jessica!

  5. Jack says:

    Since when has Marianas Variety ever let the facts get in the way of a good story?

  6. oh josie. i am so sorry your friend was hurt. don’t get sucked into the negative. your friend doesn’t need anymore negative energy floating around. shake off the nay sayers. focus on all the good you can find and sending prayers for your friend. you have a big platform now on Guam and can be the role model for the critiques on how to be kind person. you are way bigger than this nasty situation. don’t let the nasty people bring you down.

  7. Sharky says:

    The article in the MV was very insensitive. I think that they need to do more research in order to do a better job at responsible journalism. There are many fundraisers held to support the unfortunate that are struggling to pay for their medical expenses after an untimely injury. And like chenchule, it is highly criticized. But the reality is that both are a product of our compassionate island society. We take care of our own so to speak. And those who are highly critical should either understand our actions or consider moving elsewhere.
    My prayers are with Jessica for a speedy recovery. May her family and friends see that the caring people in our society outnumber the critics who make negative comments.

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