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Pretty good year

The Year in Review
The good, the bad, and the truly fabulous.
In 2004 …
I turned 30!
I bought the camera I really, really wanted.
I surprised my husband on his birthday.
I moved into a new house.
I celebrated 4 years of marriage.
I bought a new car.
I let my guard down a little.
I went to Saipan.
I baked cassava and decorated sugar cookies.
I cried in joy, grief, frustration and bitter disappointment. Sometimes I sobbed.
I went skydiving.
I read lots of books. I bought more than I read.
I designed some pieces that I am really proud of.
My favorite auntie died. So did an uncle I didn’t know very well.
I brought home a fish and named him Sherman.
I left an old comfortable job for a new, not-so-comfortable job.
I gave to charity, but not nearly enough.
I started liking spinach.
I rekindled a friendship.
I set a financial goal and met it!
I said some many things I shouldn’t have.
I met some really cool people through this website, a few wackos too.
I watched more reality tv than I care to admit.
I saw the dentist twice, the ob/gyn once.
I enjoyed the company of friends more and more.
I sold my first thing on eBay!
I redesigned my website (because I broke my old one).
I met Carolyn.
I took lots of lousy pictures and a few good ones.
I cut my hair short.
I stopped reading beauty magazines.
I started watching CSI more than Law & Order.
I renewed my passport.
I laughed so hard Pepsi came out my nose!
I fasted for a week and prayed really hard. On my knees even.
I climbed Mt. Lam Lam.
I saw Michelle Branch in concert.
I got to know my father a little more.
I planted a garden.
I found peace in acceptance.
Happy new year, friends. I am sending you all the love in the world.

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2 Responses

  1. Tilde says:

    Happy new year big sister!

  2. Inna says:

    what a great year…watch out for this coming year!
    happy new year josie…thanks for all the interesting posts, the beautiful photos and the cool links you shared with all of us. looking forward for more…

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