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6 Responses

  1. Trudy says:

    VERY, VERY GOOD! How to get a copy? I miss Guam a lot. Thank you for making it!

  2. vincenzo says:

    why, why, why? dang it girl…very good picture show …c&k makes for good homesick music too…

  3. Raquel says:

    Your video clip literally brought a tear to my eye. I’ve never missed Guam as much as I miss it right now.

  4. GoroÊ» says:

    Donʻt do that!

  5. maricar says:

    Awww, I wanna go home!

  6. april says:

    Hafa adai, thank you for making this video de Guahan; it’s beautiful and brings back so many vivid, childhood memories. I know where everything is in your video! NICE =) I come watch this when I miss island life; Si Yu’os ma’Ã¥se again for the work you put into creating it.
    BTW, if you’re ever at UOG Marine Biology Lab can you maybe take video of it and the cliff line there, or even if you ever go to Tarague Beach, can you take video of the tide pools on the back, left side and also the V shore line and winding drive down the cliff? I miss those places and regret not taking more pictures of them. I live in Georgia now; I love it here too, but it’s near impossible to get video of those places on Guam from my new home on the mainland. I just thought I would ask in case you ever find yourself in those spots. Thank you again. =)
    Romans 5:8

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