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Pick A Stall, Any Stall

Everytime I go to the ladies room, I go directly to the same stall. If it’s occupied, my second choice is always the same. I started wondering if my choices are the obvious, natural ones. So I drew up this floor plan of our bathroom (Ken, Mimi & Ang–don’t laugh!) and I want you to tell me which stall you would go to if the room were empty. Which would you choose if your first pick was occupied? And what if both your choices were taken?

And don’t look at the comments first and then decide! Cheater.

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22 Responses

  1. Josie says:

    ok. my first choice is always 4. If 4 is taken I go to 1. If both 4 & 1 are taken, 2 or 3 are fine.

  2. fabmimi says:

    good job on your floor plan 🙂 mine is always 1, then 2, 3, 4. 4 is usually the handicap-accessible stall and i always feel it’s too big. i also usually go to the one thats dimly-lit. don’t ask but i’m just weird like that. also…it’s common to return to your usual. you are simply just identifying with your personal space…much like you would return to a usual seat or a parking stall.

  3. Raquel says:

    I typically opt for the handicap bathroom because it’s just more spacious and less used. But if it was occupied, I’d choose 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. People tend to pick the ones closest to the door, which means there are probably more germs there. Now you know one of my best kept secrets!

  4. Jon says:

    4 then 3. Only in emergency would 1 or 2 be an option. Of course, the handicap stall is like going first-class, so that would obviously override any other option. The railings allow you to hang up your tie or umbrella or do exercises while going about your business. LOL

  5. Christine Lalaine says:

    Whichever one looks the cleanest (and has TP!). If they’re all pretty much good, I’d probably say 3 because less people seem to use that one. (And yes, that was made before I read the other comments.)

  6. Christine Lalaine says:

    Oh, and I’m just taking it that 4 is for everyone, since I don’t see a sign. 😛

  7. fabmimi says:

    i liken using 4 to the handicap parking stall…i leave it available for others. lol but i don’t think i’ve ever seen a handicap person using it. i’m the only one who’s a 1…i’m seriously an oddball. if there’s no tp in 1..i will actually take tp from 2,3,4 and move it to 1. if 1 is dirty..then i will move on. i always have toilet-seat covers in my purse. restrooms in CA always have them but not all the ones on GU.

  8. fabmimi says:

    oh yeah another reason why i use 1…it’s used the least (apparently) so i assume that it’s cleaner.

  9. I would choose Stall 4 first and then Stall 2.

  10. carolyn says:

    wow…i like 2. then 3.
    everyone uses 1 and 4 is for people with a load to drop. no thanks…

  11. Joie says:

    4,3,2 – I don’t think i’d go to one if that’s closest to the door. I would think that most people would go there first plus, you’ll get all that noise if you’re closest to the door.

  12. Deb says:

    I usually want to use #4 because I figure that it’s the furthest from the door and not as probable that too many people use it. But by the time I actually go to the bathroom, I’m too desperate just to go, so #1 is the usual…#2 if #1 has no tp.
    (Ohmigosh, the things I will admit.)

  13. trench says:

    This has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve read in awhile. Seriously, you go to the same stall? dont you just check if its clean then use it?? for ladies if it has toilet paper?? lol

  14. resuri says:

    i’d go to 4 first. no doubt.

  15. vanillaice says:

    i’ll take room 3, but if that’s taken then 4.

  16. Annalynn says:

    I choose stall 2.

  17. donna says:

    i never really cared which stall i would go into as long as it was clean!
    then, i saw a report that said statistics show that (in regards to women’s restroom) the least used stall is the first one… so i normally go into the first stall. obviously, if it’s less used most likely less germs and “stuff” in and around the toilet seat (sometimes the floor. ew.)
    so, if my first choice was occupied i’d go with the cleanest lol.

  18. josie says:

    I guess I always go tothe same stall because our bathroom is pretty much always clean. But if my first choice wasn’t clean I’d go to my second choice and so on. And I think that because there are vents over stalls 2 and 3 has something to do with those not being my favorites. I tend to imagine things like someone up in the ceiling watching or a camera up there. I’ve seen too many episodes of CSI.

  19. randy says:

    Haahh. 3-4-2-1 gotta theory behind it too. Unspoken guy rule: you pee in the first two stalls and you do it all over the seat. so doing a No.2 is reserved for stall 3. and, 4 is usually handicap so you save that for your second choice. 2 then 1 only for emergencies only. now we need a rule for guys about leaving the kids at the pool without any supervision.

  20. christine says:

    without looking at the comments, i would first choose 4, then 3, then 2. haha. did everyone choose the same way too?

  21. Christine Lalaine says:

    Josie, I guess I’m not the only paranoid one out there thinking about the possibility of hidden cameras. 😛

  22. Roel says:

    I don’t really care as long as know one pissed on the tollet seat and there’s toilet paper.

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