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Latitude13 : On an island in the sun


All the Guams, Vol. I

Over the years I’ve kept a running list of movies and television shows that have mentioned Guam. Here is a video compilation of that list.


Episode 5: Special Ed

In this episode, Eddie Chien opens up about the joy and hardship of being a cook and owning a restaurant, and how two failed restaurants shaped his character and outlook on the future. He...


Blindfold me, she said.

In this video The Frenchman and I take turns putting things in each other’s mouths and guessing what those things are. 😁 Also, get your mind out of the gutter.


Episode 4: To Dee or Not to Dee

Dee Cruz is one of those friends I’ve known a long time but not very deeply. I feel super special that she would come over and open up about things in her past that...


Because Happy Hour is my fave

Hi. I started a podcast. You can listen to Episode 1 right here and you can also subscribe to it on the iPhone/iPad podcast app, Google Play Music, and Spotify by searching for ‘Latitude13...


Target Ships to Guam

From Wall Street Journal: The Last Place on Earth Where Everyone Still Loves Kmart No doubt Kmart is big in Guam but to me the real news is this part: Target shipped to Mongolia...


Cook Like a Chamorro: Tiao Kelaguen

I didn’t know tiao kelaguen was my favorite until Chef Ryan of Proa Restaurant let me try it. Here’s another Cook Like a Chamorro video I made for GVB. Btw, Chef Ryan owns the...