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Reason #476 Why I Love The Internet

Have you filed your taxes?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve filed my taxes sometime between 11:00pm and 12:00am on April 15…I think the closest I came to the deadline was 11:50pm. Anyway, I am so proud of myself because I filed online today during lunch. This is the second year I’ve filed online and lemme tell you, right now I can’t think of a single thing I appreciate more than My Guam Tax.


To reward myself for filing so early, I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book, releasing in July. There is no way I’m repeating the experience I had with the last book that involved waiting in line only to be turned away when I got as close as three feet from the register because Bestseller ran out of books. The best part is Amazon is offering a 46% discount on the book and you know most book shops will be charging the jacket price.

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3 Responses

  1. Dukduk says:

    holy shitolio!!! thanks for that link…geez i was gonna wait til my next day off(next week wednesday)

  2. Thomas says:

    Yeah, that online filing is handy. I did it myself this year and it was so simple and quick. Don’t know why I delayed so long.

  3. Julie says:

    As we drove away from rev and tax from filing my taxes at 10:30 with Kenneth vigorously, and judgmentally i might add, shaking his head at all the people driving up to drop their taxes in a slot, I couldn’t resist the urge to tell him that i was sure that some people hadn’t even started filling them out yet. It really made me smile cause I was proud of myself for not being THAT person anymore. Maybe next time, I too will file at lunch. 🙂

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