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One time, my Mom was bored.

So she broke out the clippers and shaved my head.


My mom shaved my head regularly when I when I was a kid. I don’t have a three year old photo of myself where I do not look terminally ill. She shaved my head because she believed it would cause my hair to grow out thick and lovely. (Is that an old islander/asian wive’s tale?) Anway, I don’t think she shaved my head enough because I have very fine, straight hair. I also have an inexplicable fear of clowns but I’m sure it has nothing to do with the getups, excuse me, outfits I was made to wear as a child.
Hey, remember that one time when my dad was bored?

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9 Responses

  1. Sha says:

    Oh man… I saw pictures of myself after my parents did that– I’m glad they only did it once! Too bad they never did it for my little sis, she ended up taking it into her own hands when she was three! She ended up with the cutest little FRO ever!

  2. disneymike says:

    Your hair is much better now, Josie. 🙂
    My daughter and wife don’t like clowns either. A word to the wise: don’t read Stephen King’s novel, “It” unless you really want to have a clown phobia.

  3. C says:

    If you’re that cute, you don’t even need hair. And you look happy 🙂

  4. maricar says:

    Awww you still look so adorable! My mom used to always trim our hair. It’ll be thicker! Just wait! Heh.

  5. Tash says:

    You posted it! This is, by far, my favorite pic of you! You just look so carefree and happy!
    As for clowns, I have a slight phobia of them as well. You’re not alone.

  6. brent says:

    totally cute! and that old wives tale has been around a lot more than the islands….along with the don’t pick out your grey hairs because more will grow in it’s place…
    my dad used to cut my hair real short when i was younger. i hated it. so one day (i was in the first grade) i cut it myself just to show him. naturally i cut it SHORTER than he ever did, so i have my class photo with this baldish spot right in the front. whoops. last time i ever did that!

  7. G says:

    “Ready for duty, sir! Arghhh!”
    Is that a Fig Newton? I forgot how those look like.

  8. Inna says:

    soooo cute! sooo happy.

  9. Josie says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. It’s true, I was a cute & happy kid…but it’s easy to be cute and happy when you don’t have a full-time job, a car payment or rent that’s due! 🙂
    Sha, I wish I had the cutest little fro ever. LOL
    G, they look like peanut butter cracker sandwiches to me.

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