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On how not to be cool

Last year, while crews were on Guam filming scenes for Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon, my friend Norman and I decided to stake out the lobby of the Outrigger Hotel in hopes of snagging some photos of the lovely Carmen Electra. Ms. Electra was on Guam a few days shooting a cameo for the film and I needed some photos for work.
Now, even though I am not a huge fan of Ms. Electra, I have to admit the thought of meeting up with Dave Navarro’s bride was kind of exciting. I’ve never been up close and personal with a celebrity, unless you count the time I sat at a table with Mr. and Mrs. Peter White at Roy’s restaurant oh so many years ago. But I digress.
It was 4:00 in the afternoon and the lobby of the hotel, usually empty around that time, was littered with film equipment and young production volunteers. We checked out the crowd, chatted with people we knew and tried to get as much info on Ms. Electra’s schedule as possible.
After watching me schmooze it up a bit with the other media types, Norman says to me, “You’re really good at this! I bet you could make it in L.A.”
“Oh, I know I could,” I sauce back. I suddenly spot the film’s director, Albert Pyun, walk by. “Norm,” I point directly, forgetting my manners, “there’s the director! Maybe if we follow him, he’ll lead us to Carmen!”
“Well, let’s just go talk to him. Come on!” He starts walking across the lobby to Mr. Pyun.
I freeze. “No,” I say, shrinking into what would become one of my most uncool moments, ever. “I’m scared!”
“You’re SCARED?” He stops and looks back at me.
“I mean, I’m shy.”
“YOU’RE SHY?!” By now my face is hot with shame. When did I become such a chicken?
Fortunately, all was not lost. In the end I did meet Mr. Pyun, who turned out to be the nicest guy and even gave us some helpful info on the shooting schedule. I did not meet Carmen Electra.
So much for making it in L.A. They probably eat shy people for breakfast.

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