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3 Responses

  1. Daggz says:

    Fried Chicken and Finadene.

  2. jason salas says:

    i’d want to get the last laugh in, being lactose intolerant. i’d eat a proper bowl of cereal, a whole pizza, a gang of mozarella sticks, a pint of double-fudge brownie ice cream, an insane milk shake, an obscene cheeseburger, and polish it all off with a strawberry cheesecake.
    ’cause at that point, it wouldn’t matter.
    (but knowing my luck, i’d be pardoned at the last second and the joke would be on me.)

  3. Brian J Que says:

    Wow… how morbid!
    Last meal. Truffles. Not the chocolate dessert kind, but the Fungi ones that they dig up in Europe (usually with the help of pigs) and cost like a zillion dollars per pound. I always wondered how something so damn expensive would taste. Apparently they’re really good to eat. For the rest of the meal.. Popeye’s spicy fried chicken, red beans and rice, their cajun gravy mash potatoes, and lots of greasy buttermilk biscuits (my favorite comfort meal). For drink.. enough bud light for me to have such a crappy hang over the next day that I would desire the execution.
    My execution kinda stems from Mike’s idea. If they can somehow hook my head up to some electrodes or have a functional MRI or PT scan during the execution, I would want to be guillotined. Since no one’s been really able to tell how much of a consciousness or pain one feels after being beheaded, they can look at the scans and see which parts of the brain light up… or if they just shut down completely. Then we can all have some guess to what one goes through with a beheading. Then the medical world will name the experiment after me…. and my name will live forever in medical academia as “The Que Phenomenon.” Sweet, huh?

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