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On Being Nearly Stress-Free This Holiday Season

Almost every mac I’ve ever owned or used has, at some point, crashed on me in the worst way. ‘The worst way’ meaning I lost all my data. The latest mac to crash and burn is my personal iBook, the iBook formerly known as My Trusty iBook. It’s amazing how a crisis such as your computer crashing can make you prioritize what data is most crucial in recovering. Kind of like what you might grab before escaping a raging house fire (I’d grab my bag, my cat and Mike if he were there — in that order). As I turned over my iBook to the pros at Marianas Electronics, I told them firmly, “I don’t care about anything but the two folders on the desktop that contain photographs.” And that’s the truth because *gulp* unless someone flies me out to Cairns for a day, those files are pretty much irreplaceable. A whole day’s worth of pictures. My heart has been in my stomach since Monday. Mac gods, have mercy on me.
Other than that, everything else is smooth sailing. I’m avoiding the shops because 1) I hate shopping and 2) I hate crowds of people shopping. Right now I can see from the view at work that every stall in the parking lot on the east side of GPO is occupied and there is a train of cars slowly circling for the next open slot. It’s 3 in the afternoon. Don’t people have jobs?
Instead of Christmas shopping I’ve been reading and swimming with friends and really just enjoying my free time. I find that I enjoy my free time a lot more when I’m actually enjoying work. Work has been a lot of fun lately (because my ads and concepts are getting approved with minor changes which is a Christmas miracle in itself) and in my off time I’ve nothing really to stress about. Except for the iBook thing. But even with that I wouldn’t say I’m stressing over it. I’m grown enough to know that it’s out of my control now. Let go and let Mac god. Sigh. And I can’t avoid the shops forever. I have a Christmas party to attend in a couple of weeks and mama needs a new dress.
Hello, friends. How are you? What’s new? What do you want for Christmas?

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7 Responses

  1. Donovan says:

    Sounds like you could use an external drive for backups this Christmas. Good luck with that data recovery.

  2. Josie says:

    I have one. I also have a photobank which is where I dumped all the other photos from the trip. It just had to happen to the two files I put on the iBook. Murphy’s law. *&%$#!

  3. Jason Salas says:

    “Don’t people have jobs?”
    I hear that. When we do our annual “Black Friday” stories the day after Thanksgiving, I always find myself asking people we run into on shops on weekdays during daytime hours, “So…what exactly do you do for a living anyway?”

  4. Joie says:

    Hello you. I’m doing well. Doing my best to keep sane but I am happy. 🙂 All I want for Christmas is time to read and hang out with family and friends.
    I work across the street from the mall and the parking lot has been full the last few days all day. I did my best last night to shop for Christmas presents on Amazon. I’m about 60% done. 🙂

  5. carolyn says:

    share your work? i need some inspiration!!

  6. les says:

    i totally know what to get you for christmas so this does not happen to you again.. sigh.. only question is 500GB enough space for you? let me know..

  7. Mardee says:

    Hafa Adai JosieQ,
    My Christmas comes early this year I spent a few days in Orlando with my daughter Tori, She was in a cheer competition. I am in NC right now spending a couple weeks here with her. Then off to San Diego to spend a few weeks with my son James. All this was possible by saying “Santa I can explain..”
    Hope you have a great one!!

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