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5 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    sweet! i would vote for Pedro anyday…

  2. Lescentive says:

    no idea whom he is.. blasphemus..

  3. donna says:

    LOLOLOL…Josie, you are hilarious. At first I was like, “Efren who?” So, I clicked on his myspace page and listened to his voice message he has on there… then I realized “OMG it’s PEDRO!!” Wow… you are a lucky girl.
    PS, I had no idea that was not his real accent on Napolean Dynamite. Cool beans.

  4. tricia says:

    you’re too cool for school! in fact, one could say that you’ve got mad skills … numchuck skills, bow-hunting skills, computer hacking skills…

  5. Annalynn says:

    That is too cool.

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