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3 Responses

  1. Vincenzo says:

    Well, if they say that the presidential election of the popular vote doesn’t mean anything, then that’s a different story. I do agree that voting for the party seat is somewhat relevant.

  2. Motoko says:

    Hope is a wonderful thing to have and hold onto. But caution is something that Guam and her people need right now. Politicians are never to be trusted as long as they are politicians and not “public servants”. The Guam legislature is the first tier and the second is the US Congress, Senate, etc. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these elected officials forget that they were elected to serve their constituents, not the other way around. Hilary may be a liar in a lot of people’s eyes, and her “misspeaking” may have cost her the Guam votes. But Obama is an opportunist. When he’s in Illinois, he’s a poor black man from the mean streets of back country farm land. When he’s campaigned in the eastern states, he’s a middle class black man raising a family. Now that he’s in the Pacific, he’s a braddah from the islands. You can’t be all those people all at once. You can only be a person of the people – a person who unfortunately has to listen and act in the best interest of people. Just because you speak Russian doesn’t make you a Bolshevik. If you do speak it, it endears you to the people that you are speaking with and the honesty that you carry solidifies who you are to those people. Obama is nothing more than an opportunist looking to take something from the island, just as so many other politicians have. Carl G. was seen on CNN promoting Obama, ironically enough he was the one who was so proud to have brought Billy Bob Clinton to the island, and was arrogant enough to walk Hilary off of Air Force One. Who are we to trust. That is something that is not as easily accomplished as listening to a campaign team that was “planted” on the island to garnish votes. In some countries that would be akin to acts of subversion and treason. As a free society, Obama has the ability to do that. But for shame if he does it to win the vote of those that are not educated enough to make an informed decision. Even more for shame if those delegates that vote for him do so because of promises he makes them and not the island and her people.
    If there are promises in the works for the island, it is the people who should demand the collection of those “favors”, if Guam’s vote wins him the election. As with if Hilary wins, less she forgets that Guam hosted her and her dishonest husband with great hospitality. Lastly, it all boils down to the realization and demand that these people are in there posts at the will of the people. Guam has seen what putting self-serving Governor’s into power, can do. Former crooked Gov. Carl and his family are excellent examples of the detrimental choices that people can make. Current Gov. Felix Camacho is a great example of ineptitude that seems to plague the island in her quest for recognition as a power player in the Pacific.
    Josie, for you and your friends that are living in this situation. Guam has the ability to be an entity in its own right – whether it be a consistently recognized part of the contiguous United States or an independent territory on its own. Whatever it may be, Guam needs to be guarded against the false promises and opportunistic ventures of politicians that wouldn’t think of Guam as anything but the “ass end” of a bigger donkey. It’s ugly, but if there is a realization that situations like this one, makes Guam an actual power player, then people like Hilary and Obama need to be put on notice – and demands for their FRONT seat attention to Guam is imperative. Has anyone asked why the two never set foot on Guam in the last couple of days? If Guam’s vote was so important to their lives, WHY WEREN’T THEY THERE CAMPAIGNING THEMSELVES? Is Guam so important that they didn’t need to show their faces? Kinda like Sears sending the store “Sterling” to Guam when Micronesian Mall opened up. Is Guam to be consistently the “hand me down” capital of the US? Do Guamanians deserve anything less than the real deal? According to CNN, CNBC, ABC, and FOX Guam played a strategic role in this decision. If Obama is an island boy, maybe not from Guam, but he’s got the “island spirit”, right?! Where’s the respetu? If you get invited to a fiesta and you don’t show up because you are being mamalao? What do people say about you? Makes you wonder….doesn’t it. How much “change” is Obama about.
    George Jefferson (hate to use the cliche’) wants to be “Movin’ on up”, and he doesn’t care about who or what he’s gotta stand on to get it.

  3. Christine Lalaine says:

    Am I the only one who was confused at the “Arlen Bordallo” reference in the above article? Can’t they even get the names right?

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