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Now I can say I’ve shopped at Target

R2 was pretty bummed he didn’t find anything in his size at the Cairns Central shopping mall.
But he felt TONS better after a visit to the Cairns drive-thru liquor store.
A drive-thru liquor store! Now THAT’S convenience.
On Guam we don’t have drive-thru liquor stores. We don’t have liquor stores, period. On Guam you buy liquor at supermarkets, mom & pop stores, and gas stations. Are there drive-thru liquor stores where you live?

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12 Responses

  1. lostgal says:

    When I visited OZ in 2003, I thought drive through “bottleshops” were the best invention I had ever heard of. I’ve yet to see one in the US, but folks have told me that they do exist in some states over here. Mixed drinks in a can (gin & tonic, jack & coke) are another cool thing I only saw over there.

  2. Brother says:

    I thought Stanley’s was a liquor store.

  3. Josie says:

    Stanley’s sells liquor, but it’s also a restaurant (deli) and mini-market. The liquor stores in Cairns sell only liquor, and I’m under the impression it’s the same in the states.

  4. Brother says:

    ohhh. in that case I saw one. I think in New Jersey or one of the states in that area the size of cost-u-less. thats alot of liquor.

  5. carolyn says:

    i’ve never seen a liquor-only store, let alone one that’s a drive thru. dangerous.
    [i like your amelie r2d2!]

  6. Arnold says:

    There is a chain of liquor stores in Texas that you drive through in the shape of a red barn.
    Many memories….

  7. jann says:

    Pennsylvania has drive thru state-run beer stores.

  8. Joie says:

    We have many liquor stores here in California. Sometimes they are in the same strip mall.
    i miss guam!

  9. carolyn says:

    where’s OZ? and is there a wizard?

  10. Brian Que says:

    Most of the liquor stores in the states are actually mini markets to some degree. I mean, it’s hard to not want to grab a bag of chips or a packet of cigarettes when you’re buying your 6 pack (so I guess it would be good for the business to broaden the product base). I lived in California for almost 10 years, New York for 5, and Hawaii for 3, and I never really saw a liquor store in the pure sense.
    Now that drive through thing is kinda funny… you think it would be easy for some young kids to drive through there grab some beer and then just speed off?

  11. Rich Terlaje says:

    My first landing in Australia… I saw XXX signs everywhere. My friends and I walked into a drive-through liquor store that had a huge XXX sign on the roof. We thought… Wow! How convenient! All the fun vices under one roof.
    What a disappointment – XXX is a beer.

  12. Josie says:

    LOL! That’s hilarious Rich!
    Carolyn, Oz is short for Australia. And I didn’t see a wizard…or little people for that matter. 🙂

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