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Lunching at the Cove

Sometimes I get a craving that only a grilled fish sandwich at Jeff’s Pirates Cove can satisfy.
The last time I visited JPC might be almost a year ago. There’s a lot going on there now. They’ve got beach chairs set up along the water and an area roped off for swimming. There are more hammocks up, a volleyball net up for beach volleyball and a basketball court. The place was packed with locals and tourists when I was there for lunch Saturday afternoon. The last time I visited it was pretty dead so it is nice to see business is good at The Cove.
I heard a rumor yesterday that a waterpark is being developed at the Talofofo Golf Course. Does anyone know if this is true?

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6 Responses

  1. Ang says:

    this is how rumors get started… lmao…
    no idea…. i can find out though..

  2. vincenzo says:

    ahhh jeff’s pirat’s cove…man, that place has been around forever. it’s not like all the places on the west side of the island. but there are a few places that will always be there…like tower of london, and shirley’s and of course–king’s–though the OG one at gibson’s was the stuff of my memories… great pics josie, i know we’ll be seeing more this year—thanks for the memories…

  3. Josie says:

    You’re talking about the OG King’s that was actually attached to Gibsons, right? That’s going WAY back. That was back in the day when Popeye’s Chicken was at Gibsons! lol

  4. Lesssssss says:

    that is way back in the day.. lol.. i remember gibson’s was my first real job.. well corporate job.. i did the displays…what a summer job.. and the year we had that huge earthquake.. 8. something.. whoa.. i was young.. i think 15 or 16..
    craziness… way way back…

  5. I love going to Jeff’s, probably because it is so close to my home. I go there almost every week – I’ve probably got a dozen of his t-shirts laying around the house. His latest design is a hoot.

  6. shelia says:

    This website is so great. I lived on
    Guam from ’82-95. Lots of memories
    come back and wish from time to time
    to go back. The “cove” back then was
    a real a great hangout, a little rough,
    but great scenery and people watchin’.
    The comment from one observer about the
    8. quake, my family was in the airport
    sending our son off to Hawaii for school when it struck. That airport
    terminal was tough back then. Am enjoying nostalgia on this site. Good
    the lengthy d

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