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4 Responses

  1. mimi says:

    i paid 2.96 for regular yesterday. i heard its like 3.50 in hawaii.

  2. vincenzo says:

    be glad you aren’t in the bay area… at least my two bicycles get ridden a lot due to the v8 in my truck 😉

  3. G says:

    Hawaii has a gas cap law now which controls the price of wholesale gas, the only one in the nation. Unfortunately retail prices are nuts, $3.11 in one station and down the street, $3.29…this happens even among the same gas station companies, two weeks ago, $3.59. With the hurricanes in the gulf coast, we can expect prices to jump up again, yay!

    When the gas cap first started some people waiting in long lines at the Costo ($2.98 gal?)gas station were downright nasty…yelling, honking, cussing….sheesh

  4. Brian Que says:

    Yeah, here in Honolulu it’s hitting like 3.30 for regular.
    Glad I left my Avalanche on Guam.

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