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Some things that are occupying my time and money lately (aside from work and social life):
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
The Simmons are infinitely cooler than the Osbournes and, sorry to say, the other Simmons family. Aside from this show, there is nothing I really make a point to watch anymore…not even Grey’s Anatomy.
Nong Shim kimchi soup bowls
They put cup a noodles to shame and omg I can’t get enough of this stuff. Yes, even for breakfast!
$1.00/pair at A&A Jeans, $2 if you spring for the toe socks (and I love me some toe socks). There are so many styles and colors to choose from; you’ll be there so long you’ll forget the place smells like mothballs. $30 on two separate occasions ought to tell you I am thisclose to being out of control.
I Can Has Cheezburger?
It’s like Cute Overload, but better.
You got some Favorites to share?

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5 Responses

  1. Vanz says:

    I love reality TV. I think I watch almost all of them. Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Sons of Hollywood, Run’s House, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Hills, Little People Big World….. YES I AM HOOKED
    I am also addicted to LOST!

  2. Josie says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes of Dog and they were entertaining but I just hated how he would be all ‘Jesus this and that and let’s pray’ and then when he’d catch the guy he’d be all ‘Down motha****er! I got you convict!’ and proceed to trash talk the person the rest of the episode. Ugh!
    I like Little People Big World whenever I catch it. And I even sat through The Hills Cram Session just so I can understand what Julie and Joephet are always going ON AND ON about! 🙂

  3. fabmimi says:

    Some faves….
    Happy Hour!!
    Heaven help me its time for a drink and its half off! How can I not?
    Designer Jeans!
    I’m addicted to finding the perfect pair of Frankie B’s or True Religions on ebay! which brings me to….
    Can’t find “It”?…just like the commercial says…I found it on ebay. Everything from moisturizer to the cutest shoes to locksets!

  4. Josita says:

    I love the socks from A&A. I bought my self several pairs before I left the island. My co-workers find it funny that I dress simply in black, gray, or brown.. then they see colored/patterned/printed socks. I love socks too!

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