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Newfangled Technology

My iBook fell out from the back of a van and died when I was shooting in Kosrae and could not be revived despite attempts to swap out old parts with new ones. It was time for an upgrade I suppose. I mean, they’re not even called iBooks anymore.
So I got a new mackbook recently and yes of course I love it. And look how fun it is, this built-in Photobooth thing. The camera is not bad at all.
I just woke up here. Notice the traces of mascara under my eyes.
Kitty has undergone extensive Photobooth torture and it will continue until it stops being funny which will be NEVER.
Josie and The Brain.
I think my e-Harmony profile picture is a winner, don’t you?
I may never leave the house again. Thanks, Apple.

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  1. Haaaa hahhah. funny! i am just learning mac now but played with the same features. not as brave as you to post. i also don’t look cute like you do when you first wake up. 🙂 maybe i will do it with mr. puggle.
    sorry to hear about the loss of your ibook. but hope you find happiness in your macbook!

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