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Never Count Your Money When You’re Sittin at the Table

Every few months or so I do a ‘Guam’ search on You Tube to see what’s out there. There are a lot of touristy videos and photomontages, which are fine, but once in a while something a little different and interesting pops up. Like this short documentary on the Guam Greyhound Park.

My grandfather and an uncle of mine were regulars at the Greyhound. I checked it out once almost ten years ago and won $30. It was nice to win, but I guess gambling is just not my thing because I haven’t been back.

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3 Responses

  1. Allison says:

    When I was a wee preteen, I’d always win the detective cases on 95.5 FM (no one else ever called in!), and ended up getting free admission for my mom, sisters (and friend Michelle), and myself to Guam Greyhound. Mom bet a trifecta for us, for $6, and we ended up winning something ridiculous, approaching $1000. Not bad, huh?
    Still…this whole gambling legalization thing…I’m not for ir, especially since it seems like Guam Greyhound is trying to bribe the government when they’re in this pickle. It stinks.

  2. fabmimi says:

    I like how the filmmaker keeps his commentary to a minimum while we witness the raw footage. I feel strongly against how they “care” for the dogs…the rusted gates, the dark kennel, the shirtless caretakers, and the stacked and small compartments that the hounds live in are extremely questionable. I remember going here when I was little, too and haven’t stepped foot in there since then. It really brings to light how this microcosm of the gambling industry can have such dismal undertones.

  3. Jann says:

    Patrick (my hubby) and I rescued a racing greyhound about 3 years ago. It was tough watching this documentary. I agree with fabmimi, I don’t see any care going on with these dogs. There wasn’t any kind of padding in the kennels and what is a shirtless boy doing taking care of these sensitive magnificent animals? I just hope that they are adopting out the hounds that aren’t making it on the track instead of just killing them off like so many greyhound racing parks do. Our brindle boy is such a joy for us, I would recommend adopting a greyhound, they make wonderful companions.

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