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My Thoughts On Prop A

If you’re wondering if I am in support of Prop A, the answer is no.
If you’re wondering if religion or party/organization affiliation has anything to do with why I am not in support of Prop A, the answer is no.
Quickly off the top of my head (and not very organized):
Here’s the thing: I don’t believe a significant number of tourists are going to choose Guam as a vacation destination just because it has a casino. In other words, I don’t think a casino is going to give Guam an edge over other destinations. I believe tourists primarily come to Guam to experience a place and culture that is completely different from their own. Isn’t that why you and I travel to foreign countries?
I also don’t believe a Guam Greyhound casino will generate the promised revenue for Guam because I really don’t think tourists are going to spend all that money there. If casino gambling was so hot, I think a good number of our visitors would already be flocking over to Tinian as a cheap side excursion to gamble there. I’m pretty sure that’s not happening right now.
Guam’s population is going to increase by roughly ten percent in 4 years with the relocation of Marine troops and their families to Guam. I don’t think even I fully realize how big a deal that is. I’d like to focus efforts on preparing for that and seeing first how all those new residents affect our island’s economy.
The Prop A ads are nice, the people in them are smart and good-looking, but I am not easily swayed by advertising (because I work in marketing and advertising). I googled John Baldwin and Bridge Capital to learn more about the people behind Prop A and the results were interesting. There are reasons someone would be denied a gambling license in several states including, of all places, Las Vegas, Nevada. There are reasons someone would be under investigation for things like financial mismanagement, irregular accounting practices and hidden partnerships. These are not stories written on personal weblogs, these are stories that ran in newspapers like The Washington Post.
Anyway, those are just some of my personal thoughts on Prop A. Tomorrow is election day and I hope you’ll go out and vote because this is important. Whatever you choose, make a decision based on your own convictions and research, not because someone is telling you how you should vote. That’s the best any of us can do.
One last thing: can we please get back to promoting Guam’s culture, history and natural beauty instead of shoving shopping down our visitors’ throats as Guam’s biggest attraction?

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2 Responses

  1. Les says:

    wow.. couldn’t have articulated it better… Mr. Baldwin definitely has alot of histroy behind him but who doesn’t.. I believe Prop A is a scam for something bigger.. I agree, i don’t think it will rake in the profits they are so willing to believe.. plus all the limitations.. give me a break..

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