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My and my 3.5 mm

3.5 mm Susan Bates knitting needles, that is. I’m knitting a baby blanket for the bundle of joy my brother-in-law and his wife are expecting in a few months. Look for me in a well-lit corner of a coffee shop in your neighborhood.
I’ve only two pages to go before I complete the first phase of my current assignment at work. It’s a recruitment folder and booklet for a local Christian school. If it’s any interest to you, I know all there is to know about Saint Paul Christian School.
The one good thing about working for an advertising firm is that you don’t get stuck on just any one client. I worked for a telecommunications company for 5 years, and lemme tell you, after 5 years you can get pretty tired of working on ads and web designs for the same old products and services. Tired, I say!
But an ad firm. It’s like a cornucopia of products and services, and every week a new basket of fresh product arrives and nothing ever gets old or tired. Except perhaps the Designer. But that’s another story for another time.
My weekend (with the exception of Friday evening) was quiet and low-key. I don’t know about you, but the holidays really kicked me in the butt and I’m just barely recovered from the exhaustion. Friday night’s dinner was splendid. I got all caught up with Fabrienne, who lives in San Francisco and has not visited in two years. I got all caught up with Dan too, whom I didn’t recognize at first glance because he grew hair! A warning to you who might be thinking about applying for a job at the Hyatt: shaved heads are not compliant with the Hyatt dress/appearance code.
Addi and I spent Saturday’s Date Night (because, as you know, it is important to continue to “date” one another after marriage) at Gameworks. We also stopped by Raph and Monaeka’s art gallery at the Acanta Mall, where I wanted very badly (still do) to purchase a Tim Burton-esque
painting of a girl at a piano, but it turned out the painting was not for sale. Oh well. Naek’s birthday is coming up and there will be a birthday party for her at the AMH gallery next Saturday evening. If you’re a musician, they’re interested in finding bands to play for the party. Let me know if you want the hook-up.
My friend Joy said she started the Cairns, Australia chapter of the Wives of Husbands Who Own Playstations support group. I’m beginning to wonder if a Guam chapter might be beneficial.

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