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More On The Guam Military Buildup

Excellent interview with Michael Lujan Bevacqua who breaks down what the military buildup means for Guam and our Mariana Island neighbors and how you can become informed and get involved. “No matter what you feel about the buildup, everybody has to accept the fact that it’s going to radically change Guam.”

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  1. Mr. Puggle says:

    this is the plot of avatar!
    did the movie avatar come to the island yet? i think your number one way to get the word out is use this very articulate interview as audio and overlay scenes from the movie. (I don’t want to give away the movie to those that have not seen it yet) paget is guam’s spirit tree that connects them with their ancestors.
    i am proud to say i have been to pagat. that is the same thing as that spirit tree in avatar. i think you will get the most sympathy if you connect this fight to the movie.
    i have been off guam too long to know the current politics and the pros and cons.
    write james cammeron and i bet he would help you. the movie has captured the nation.
    i saw a movie on youtube where someone changed the sub titles into Guam political dialog. It was a movie about hitler. if that same artist did the same thing with avatar it would be powerful.
    God Speed to you guys. It would break my heart to know that any more land would be taken by the military.

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