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Look ma, no cables

The cat was nice enough to let me borrow her new iBook so I could let you all know we have achieved wireless. It is marvelous.
Blacky's iBook
Many, many thanks to Ben for the advice and Bernie for the hardware. As soon as I plugged in the router and booted up the mac it instantly saw the connection, as was expected. With the pc all I had to do was run winipcfg and release and renew the IPs. The whole thing took ten minutes. I was concerned that the mac would not pick up the connection from upstairs (the router is downstairs in the office where the pc is) but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. To be sure, I am upstairs and posting this from the comfort of my bed. I couldn’t be more pleased. I love when things work properly.
And in case you were wondering what’s on my screen, it’s a funny video of a guy lip synching.

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