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First, there’s the PodGear PocketParty, a MicroSpeaker System for iPod 3rd & 4th Generation and iPod Photo. Then there’s the PocketParty Shuffle, which “turns an iPod Shuffle into the world’s tiniest ghetto blaster”. Kick it up another notch with the ShuffleStation.
Test your digital IQ. I got 131.
A little aromatherpy might help relieve stress at the office. Check out this USB aroma pot. Plug it into your computer, add a little water and scented oil, and relaaax. Later on when you’re energized and feel like dancing, you could plug in a disco ball to help you get your groove on.
I just found out I type 57 words per minute. Not bad considering I never took a typing class. Find out how fast you type with this speed typing test.

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2 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    Josie –
    I scored a 71. Thanks that was fun.

  2. Josita says:

    Dang! I type pretty fast.. my average score was 80, but the highest was a 94. On my job, I can spend entire days typing.. so it’s fitting.

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