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L13 In Your Pocket

When I got my phone yesterday, one of the first things I did was open my browser and go to Latitude13. Not surprisingly, my site does not look as slick on a handheld as it does on a regular computer. I suppose I always knew this to be true in the back of my mind, but since I don’t do a lot of handheld browsing…well, out of sight, out of mind. Having just spent an evening browsing the web, posting to flickr and chatting on google talk all on my phone, I can see myself becoming more reliant on my handheld and less on my iBook.
I’m working on a scaled down version of L13 by building a .wml template for WAPblogging. If you are on a mobile device, for now you can check me out at latitude13.com/wap.wml. (I’ll probably change it later to m.latitude13.com.) Anyway, it is very bare bones right now but I’ll be working on it. I should say that a lot of the fluff you see on the main L13 page will not be on the mobile page. I also need to figure out how to redirect mobile devices to the .wml file should they go directly to latitude13.com.
For those of you who couldn’t care less, this ends the geek speak. Have a great morning!

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5 Responses

  1. brent says:

    oohh good! after you work it all out, then i can start doing the same on mine. lol!

  2. tom says:

    i have no idea what you are talking about but it is HAWT! are you wearing your GLASSES? i think i need a cold shower….

  3. Jason Salas says:

    Very impressive. You can test do a simple device test on your pages and redirect users to the content based on what type of device they’re using to request the page. I do this for KUAM.com, sending people to my WAP site or my PDA site depending on what they’re using.
    Something like:
    //show the content on a normal desktop browser…your normal stuff goes here

    It all depends on how your platform (PHP?) does it, but that’s the general logic behind it. Sounds complex, but it’s really quite easy.

  4. resuri says:

    hottest nerd i know.

  5. fabmimi says:

    i have a geek fetish. you turn me on. i do have geek in me. that didn’t sound right.

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