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Just Keep Swimming

It’s been awhile. Life just gets busy, you know?

There might not always be time to update your website, but there is always time to go swimming with a sea turtle. This photograph of me swimming with a turtle was shot by my dear friend Burt Sardoma for Island Time Magazine.

Swimming with a Guam sea turtle

Swimming with a Guam sea turtle

We took a boat out past Orote Point and snorkeled near the Navy wall. I’m not sure if that is its official name but everyone seems to just call it the Navy wall. I felt truly special when this sea turtle allowed me to swim with him. And although he swam close enough for me to touch him, I respected his personal space and didn’t. He even surfaced a couple of times to take a breath right in front of me. It was one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had in the open ocean.

Some moments are just…magic.

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