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There’s no place like Josie’s

You’ve done the Google thing where you type in “(your name) is…” and amuse yourself with the results.
While searching for a specific image today I discovered it’s even more amusing to Google “(your name)’s” in the image search and see what pops up.
Click to enlarge:
Click to enlarge
What the heck are bohemian dumplings? LOL

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5 Responses

  1. Jennifer in Chicago says:

    Great, look what I came up as 🙁

  2. vincenzo says:

    dude! that’s pretty groovy…i came up with a lot of italian places and some cruising sites…

  3. Christine Lalaine Johnson says:

    I did this at work, on break in a training room with about 14 other people puttering on their computers around me. A bare chested woman came up! Eek.

  4. Josie says:

    Whoops! haha

  5. Michelle says:

    hey josie! there’s also a josie’s tavern over in agana. i’m sure you’ve seen that one. i drive past it everytime i go home from work.

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