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Josie goes to White Castle, but not really

Having seen the movie Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, I’ve often wondered what a White Castle burger tastes like. And now I know. Sort of.
Yeah, so it was the prepackaged microwaveable kind at Circle K, but when you live on an island in the middle of the pacific where the nearest White Castle is more than five thousand miles away you take what you can get.
Not bad, really.
So how about sending some microwaveable In-N-Out burgers my way?

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7 Responses

  1. cee says:

    hi there! i’ve been a lurker for some time now.. i love your photoblogs. very recently i opened one of my own (very amateur) too.
    anyway, we also had white castle today! thought it was such a cute coincidence! : )

  2. Josie says:

    Welcome, Cee! I dig your White Castle photo. 🙂

  3. Brian Que says:

    Heya Josie, I used to have White Castle all the time when I was in New York going to school. They’re basically the same as the ones you tried in Circle K, but instead of the nuking they do some sort of “onion steam grill” so they’re a little softer and flavorful. Those burgers are GREAT when you have the munchies at 2 AM and you’ve been up studying all night for a final. And they were cheap too… I’d have at least 10 of those burgers at a time. But as with all cheap/fattening food… you pay for it a few hours later in the baffroom 😉

  4. Josie says:

    In that case, I’ll be sure not to eat more than eight at a time! 😉

  5. Jennifer in Chicago says:

    Now you are talking! “Sliders” as we call them are ALL over Chicago. (Did you hear Chicago was voted the fattest city by Men’s Health.) They are open 24 hours so a perfect hang out when the bars close. They slide out the next morning. Hence the nick name. 🙂
    Funny true story. When I was stationed in Guam, my crazy aunt sent me a crazy b.day present. I picked up the package from the post office and it sat in my car all day while I was at work. After work, when I got in my car, it smelled funny. I opened up the package and here was a Whities T-Shirt. As I pulled it out of the box, something tumbled out. It was all the little boxes that hold the burgers. They were soaked with grease and had dried out onions stuck on them. The smell engulfed my car. Hmmm, I was missing home that day.
    On a side note. I grew up down the street from the original Dove’s Candy Shoppe. You know the chocolate and ice cream? Guess how they made their Dove Bars? They had a block of homemade ice cream and they would slice off a chunk. They would stick in a popsicle stick but only an inch would be left exposed. Then…then…t h e n… they would dunk the chunk of yummy ice cream in homemade melted chocolate. The ice cream would freeze the chocolate. Oh man, heaven. They would be so messy to eat but oh I can’t tell you how delicious. The sons took over the company and ended up selling it to nestle I think. I had great memories of that old fashioned ice cream shoppe. It has the old fashioned counters and fountain. I think it was built in the 50’s and nothing changed over the years. So sweet!
    Anyways, Josie, you can’t trust the frozen burgers. If ever you get stateside, east of the Mississippi, ya gotta get some. They have great shakes and you can dip your fries in them. So yummy. Man, I gotta go eat. bye…
    PS. If you ever make it to chi town I would be glad to take ya!

  6. inna says:

    sorry josie, in-n-out only does it fresh…come over- i’ll buy you one!

  7. Josie says:

    Jennifer, thanks for giving us all the reason why they’re called ‘sliders’. I think. lol
    Inna, if I ever make it to SLO I’ll take you up on that offer. 🙂

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