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Interview With An Artist

A HUGE thank you to the fabulous person who sent me a surprise gift copy of The Girl’s Guide To Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch). I would have written to you personally but there was no email address or contact information on the packing slip. Such a mystery! Thank you so much.
The book could not have come at a better time as tomorrow morning I will be conducting my very first interview and I am feeling quite nervous about it. I’ve been interviewed for dozens and dozens of jobs, but this time I’ll be on the other side of the table asking the questions and looking through the artist’s portfolio. I’m not at all nervous about talking with the person applying for a job. I’m nervous because I don’t want to be responsible for hiring someone who everyone in the office ends up hating to work with!
I was chatting with my pal Jason who has experience interviewing people and he gave me some great advice on what to look for tomorrow:
2:48 PM Jason: 1) does this person have the technical ability to work here?
2) does this person have the smarts to stay here?
3) does this person have the personality to survive here?
that’s what i go on. the idiosyncratic stuff falls into place as you go along.
2:49 PM me: 4) can this person hang after three shots of Jack Daniel’s?
2:50 PM Jason: there ya go! that falls under #3: corporate culture.
Hm. At least you know I’ll be thorough.

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7 Responses

  1. Joie says:

    I agree #3 is the most important. The FIT. 🙂

  2. Jason Salas says:

    Wow! Congrats x 100! Nothing like a little serendipity to help you through the day, eh? (I also dig the company the book is keeping on your desk…if the interviewee sees this prior to the actual session, (s)he shouldn’t be too nervous.)
    You’ll do fine and pull through beautifully, no doubt. Good luck…I’m looking forward to the full report!

  3. Jason Salas says:

    ALSO…I’ve always maintained that the world’s best managers are always parents. In what other “profession” can you get practical experience with financial planning, organizational behavior, conflict resolution, make daily motivational speeches, and setting long-term goals?
    Kids, man. A total blessing.

  4. Haji says:

    Being a boss also means using all your resources: during the interview, show the candidate around the office–not for so much for the benefit of the prospective employee, but for the benefit of current employees: they can get a good look at a possible co-worker. After the interview, pass the interview-ee’s resume/portfolio around (require that the prospect’s portfolio needs to be reviewed by you for 24 hours), and get every one’s input.
    Next, retire to your desk, and make your decision. The other employees will appreciate the chance to have some say (albeit a moot input, as it’s your decision alone to make).
    I have hired and fired over 75 individuals based in part on input of those individuals’ peers.
    Good luck!

  5. Alli says:

    Hey, Josie…
    Just your sister-in-law here. Don’t hire on just one interview, and I hope you’re j.k. about the j.d. You can tell more about a potential recruit/new hire over lunch (out of the office)…maybe on a second interview if your really interested in them. That way they let their guard down more and you can see what they’re really like outside of the four walls of the office setting. Just a suggestion. Review the questions that you are not supposed to ask during an interview and stay away from them. I know you’ll do fine. Seek the Lord’s guidance on hiring the right person for the company. You know, He is interested in every aspect of our lives. Not just Sunday mornings. Again, our cares are His. Even in the work place. I learned and sometimes re-learn again not to put myself in the “pilot’s seat”, but let God be there, and I’ll be the co-pilot. It works much better that way. Good luck to you. You’ll be a great boss because you worked your way up the ladder so to speak. You’ve been there…done that.

  6. Lescentive says:

    relax, have the person talk about themself a bit, have them sell themselves…lol.. plus your questions… don’t forget to test their knowledge… honestly, u never truly know how a person will work out unless they are hired… case in point at my job… hired a few new people lately and well, one i thought was real good turned out to be a real dud.. go figure…
    i’m sure everything will work out.. be safe,

  7. henry says:

    can you remember how i like my coffee?
    can you remember when i like my coffee?
    can you cover for me when i’m late?
    are your interests cars, football and chicks?
    those would be some of my basic questions… i can give you more if you like

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