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Internet Killed the Radio Star

Last night’s show was fun. I can’t remember anything I talked about now, but Jessica says I gave everyone the rundown on the history of PCI Communications (LOL). If there’s ever a next time I’ll just talk about Addi’s new tilapia tank out in the yard. That’s probably way more interesting.
Here’s Tom trying to find a comfortable place to rest his headphones. That’s Jovan in the background.

And here’s Dave probably wondering what he got himself into when he invited us on the show.

Thank you Dave, for letting us come on your show and goof around for an hour. I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you Tom for agreeing to do the show with me. It wouldn’t have been fun without you.
Thanks Jovan for being the master producer!
Thank you everyone who tuned in to listen!
Thanks especially to Patty for calling in all the way from Germany. You’re awesome!

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12 Responses

  1. disneymike says:

    Wow! Now I know a celebrity. Well, through the internet at least. LOL

  2. vincenzo says:

    do you have that link for the radio show?

  3. Dave Lotz says:

    Thank you and Tom for being my guests last night. It was a great show.
    Dave Lotz

  4. Jessica says:

    You were fabulous, like I knew you would be! You too TOM!
    First the internet, then the media, up next…taking over the world!
    Save room for me on them coat tails Foxy Loxy! 😉

  5. Donna says:

    That’s awesome! Did you get paid? Hehe.
    Cool, I know Jovan!

  6. Joie says:

    I’m sad I missed it. The error window kept popping up everytime I tried to stream. I’m glad it went well.

  7. rhia says:

    ugh, i missed it. i was at work. i was trying to look for a stream of it archived somewhere, but i couldn’t find it. hopefully, someone has a record of it somewhere if you don’t have one. but i’m glad, sounds like you did great and had fun. :]

  8. Michelle says:

    Josie! Congrats to you and Tom for being on the show. Like Joie, I had tried to sneak a listen (while at work), but the streaming audio button function didn’t do anything but download these .ram extensions.
    However, I did manage to hear the last 10-some minutes of it while in my car. I think it went great! I heard the part about positive comments, and confrontations, and Dave Lotz.

  9. min says:

    cant wait to hear it!! (waiting for you to post it)

  10. Josie says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll put it up as soon as I get a copy. 🙂

  11. Patti Petkosek says:

    You were great on the radio! Don’t know how you did it for a whole hour ~ I was nervous just calling in! I’ve been “clicking” on the ads. Glad you mentioned them on the radio ~ hadn’t noticed them before. You deserve to be paid for your wonderful site!

  12. Josie says:

    Thank you Patti! You must be the reason I earned $1.85 over the weekend! 🙂

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