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In Theaters This Weekend

Tonight I have a date!
with my Brother. 😉
He’s taking me to see 3 X Ives (Three by Ives) at the University Theater. I always jump at the chance to attend any of the theater productions that Guam puts out since they are so few and far between. I’d rather see a play than spend a couple of hours in front of the television or in a movie theater. Live performances are just a lot more exciting to me.
Last weekend I saw Theater Guam’s “The Odd Couple” and it was fantastic! If I hadn’t scored a couple of free tickets I might not have gone at all since the tickets are $75 for the dinner show. I believe next weekend there are some cocktail shows and tickets for those are just $25. It’s great entertainment (very funny) and the proceeds benefit the Guam Museum Foundation. Check it out!
[UPDATE] Tonight’s play had better be over early enough for me to get home in time to watch this.

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  1. Joie says:

    I just watched it on comedycentral.com. It was certainly funny but I felt bad for Madeline, her facial expressions are priceless. In case you missed it on TV, check it out.

  2. resuri says:


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