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In recovery

Yesterday was one of those days when I wished I just scooped ice cream for a living. No stress. No thought process. No worries. Today is looking to be a little better, even if the weather forecast is the saddest thing I’ve seen all day. Just look:

I am so looking forward to Labor Day weekend.
Backless G-String Revealed. Add me to the list of those skeptical they’ll stay up.
What Not To Wear’s style myths quiz. Who wants to be my Stacey and Clinton? I’m going shopping this weekend.

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2 Responses

  1. Cristina says:

    That’s a beautiful cat. 🙂

  2. monique p-c says:

    Kinda cool how you can capture the cat’s personality in the photo. Blacky appears curious and plotting =) If you need a catsitter, I’m always game

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