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3 Responses

  1. johnny b says:

    jager bombs are kryptonite for chics cuz at the begginning of the night u get snobbed(well i do anyways)but after a few of those its: heeeeeyy where’ve u been all my life!? hahahahahah muuuaaahahahahaha

  2. les says:

    ugh.. blue loves that shot… i can’t stand it… it tastes like medicine to me, i’d prefer to drink some nyquil if it came down to it, at least i would be high… did u drink enough for the both of us, i’ve been craving a good bottle of merlot lately… i know i can’t have any for a few more months…

  3. tricia says:

    i think jager bombs taste like root beer, yummmmmmmmm

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