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I rafted the Tully River and all I got were these lousy photos

Every helmet I tried on was big on me
If you live in a place where whitewater rafting is easily accessible, I so envy you! A day of rafting on the Tully River with the Xtreme Team was definitely the highlight of my trip to Oz. And until I make it back for another round, I will be kicking myself for not thinking to bring along a waterproof disposable camera. The views of the rainforest from the river were breathtakingly beautiful and I’ve nothing to show for it. Sad.

Tully River (click to enlarge)
Tradition dictates that the rapids on a river are named by the first group of people to successfully raft them. Naturally this would lead to some very unusual names. For instance, Double “D” Cup came about when a female rafter fell out of the raft and got caught in the rapid. As she struggled to get herself out, she lost her top. Then she lost her bra. She made it out safely, and later on they recovered her bra. It was a size Double D.
Fellow rafters
The rainforest surrounding the Tully River is one of only eleven sites worldwide to fulfill all four criteria that allow inclusion for World Heritage Listing. These criteria are that the region contains outstanding examples of:
– Major stages in the Earth’s evolutionary history;
– On-going biological evolution;
– Exceptional natural beauty; and
– Habitat for threatened species.
More than any other forest in the world, the tropical rainforests of the Tully and neighboring districts are a living link with the vast forests that grew in the great supercontinent of Gondwanaland. It is the largest remaining fragment of those ancient forests and also has the greatest concentration of plants and animals that are relics of that era.

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2 Responses

  1. tom says:

    did you fall in?

  2. Josie says:

    Almost, but I hung on for dear life and did everything to avoid being thrown into the cold river water. I almost knocked a guy out too. It was great! lol

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