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I Love You…I Guess I Always Will

Back in the day when NKOTB came out with Please Don’t Go Girl, I had a HUGE crush on little Joey McIntyre. All my friends were in love with Jordan Knight, but I stood by my man Joey. And after seeing on The Surreal Life 3 how much of a princess Jordan had grown up to be, I knew I had made the right choice.
So I’m watching these videoclips of grown up Joey singing Please Don’t Go Girl and suddenly I’m 14 years old again and holding my breath just like I did when I saw the original video back in ’87. Oy.

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4 Responses

  1. min says:

    i was TOTALLY a joey girl tooo!!!! i thought jordan just got too much attn …

  2. Angela/Lescentive says:

    i liked donnie… loved hanging tough …

  3. I was a Jonathan Knight girl. No one liked him, but I thought he was older and sophisticated.

  4. joie says:

    That brings back a lot of memories. I was a jordan knight fan and now joey mcintyre is definitely my favorite.

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