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I love the nightlife, I’ve got to boogie…

100105Today I will mostly be recovering from last night. Addison and I met some friends for drinks and dancing at The Fishbowl and we had a great time. I ran into a number of friends I hadn’t seen in years! It’s funny how small Guam is and how there are certain people you just never run into. I’m sure the fact that I don’t frequent nightclubs as often as I used to also has something to do with it. Once in a while is nice, but I’d rather hang out with friends somewhere where it’s possible to have a conversation that doesn’t require SO MUCH SHOUTING over the music.
A couple of cosmopolitans and shots of tequila can blur the details, so it’s nice to go home, unload the camera and be entertained all over again. Case in point: there is definitely something about Nadia that Katie finds so intriguing. I wonder what it could be.
I think I know what it is.
Well alrighty then.

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5 Responses

  1. carolyn says:

    omg that is too funny.

  2. Josie says:

    I know! lol And I thought I was just taking boring pictures of them dancing.

  3. Nadia says:

    I am used to men staring at them- but Katie? Come on! I’m flattered really! That’s a great shot- totally looks all wrong! I love it.

  4. carolyn says:

    this is weird, but i finally figured out why you look so different to me in these last photos. you’re smiling with teeth! 😀

  5. Josie says:

    Liquor makes me smile with teeth! lol

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