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I am lionfish, hear me ROAR

Only a few more aquarium pictures left, I promise. This Saturday we’re hoping to join a group of friends who are planning to hike to Talofofo Caves. That should break the monotony of all these underwater photos.
The Sitcom Door Quiz: Do you know where the door is in these sitcoms?
This quiz is the result of finding that even though you may have seen some of these sitcoms only once, you still know where the door is. (I scored 72%, but some of them were lucky guesses)
See, creepy people live overseas too: Son lived with dead mother to keep pension (in France!)
And this Lil’ Kim cried “wee-wee-wee” all the way…to jail. ‘Upbeat’ Lil’ Kim Begins Prison Sentence. She’ll probably get her own reality show when she gets out.

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4 Responses

  1. carolyn says:

    i score 80% but got robbed on those ‘center rear’ answers. no one’s REALLY in the center.

  2. Brian Que says:

    I got a 92%…. which means I watched WAYYYYYY too much TV back in the 80’s.

  3. disneymike says:

    Great capture. You did a wonderful job photographing the Lionfish. The detail is excellent; very sharp for the dim environment. 😉

  4. C says:

    That fish is absolutely adorable. That whole Lil Kim bon voyage party was a bit sad I think, but you’re right – she’ll probably get her own show.

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