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How Much Do You Know About Guam?

“Did you even realize that Guam is involved in our election process? Let’s be honest. How much do we know about Guam?
What is its capital? Does it have a king, a queen, a president or a prime minister? What is the main language? Are the people considered Americans? Are they called Guamites, Guamanders or maybe Guamians?”

I’ve always been partial to Guammy Bears, but my favorite is Guambats.

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6 Responses

  1. Cristina says:

    “Chamorro? That sounds delicious!”

  2. FranMag says:

    I learned some new things from that article. I haven’t found the “Marina” Islands on a map, but I think it means we have lots of boats. Also, I had no idea the whole island is now covered by only one ZIP code, 96910. Amazing what a little googling (very, very little apparently) can dig up.

  3. madrid says:

    i’ve also heard us referred to as guambodians…and i was once called a guamese by an amish man.

  4. brent says:

    yah, the cobert report had another go at the island. started with the obama campaign having an office on island, and then ended with the same interview with representative madeline.

  5. Lescentive says:

    i found it hilarious.. but our congress woman kept her cool.. she didn’t loose it.. i found that impressive..

  6. RAQUEL says:

    I am half Guamanian, i have relized that alot of people don’t even know were Guam is and they often confuse me for Mexican. When people ask me what is my nationality I tell them Guamanian and they say is that like Romanian. I live in San Diego all my life and i am now 21 but there people becoming more aware of who Chamorro’s are and were we come from.

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