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How cold is cold?

Friends, I need your help.
I just checked the five day forecast in Osaka, Japan and it looks like the average high temperature is almost 45°.
So this might sound like a stupid question but, uh, how cold is that?
Is that snow jacket wearing cold? Thermal underwear wearing cold? It’s not snowing in Osaka.
The last time I was in very cold weather I was 13 and living in Germany. I don’t remember a whole lot about the temperature (too busy playing to realize how cold it was) and so I have nothing to compare temperatures to. I have a few sweaters, a coat, gloves, a hat & scarf and I’m wondering if that’ll be good enough. A friend of mine goes skiing in Sapporo every February and she has serious winter gear I can borrow. I need to know what to pack and what I can leave behind because I want to travel as light as possible.
My friend Greg tells me, “Sapporo is so cold in February you can’t find your kung-kung* in the morning!”
How frightening.
I hope 45° is not kung-kung killing cold. Poor Addison!
Anyway, I would appreciate feedback from those of you who know what cold is and can give this island girl some perspective. Thanks very much!

*kung-kung = boy bits.

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12 Responses

  1. Steve Roberto says:

    It is pretty cold over there now. You’ll need a thick jacket and maybe a thick beanie and gloves. Enjoy!

  2. inna says:

    hi josie,
    friday night was our christmas party- it was about 40. i wore a little black dress under a knit coat. i’m not fond of stockings so i went bare- i wore strappy open shoes. it wasn’t bad at all, except we were mostly indoors.
    for outside stroll, site seeing- layering is key- a cami, layering tee, long sleeved sweater/shirt, a coat. your legs will still feel a little cold in just jeans (eddie bauer has fleece lined jeans), gloves and scarf, thick socks for your footsies. check wind chill factor too. and rain (?). you’ll be miserable when you’re wet and cold. add an extra layer to what i just wrote- i tend to stay indoors when it’s cold, so i don’t know how truly cold it is to be outdoors for a long time.
    i don’t own a snow jacket, thermal underwear, and i’m not used to wearing hats and turtle necks give me a headache (stiff neck)- so i don’t wear them- but that’s just me.
    don’t forget your chapstick.
    have a great time!

  3. Jennifer says:

    45 will feel different to you than me. It is zero today so 45 would feel like summer for me. However 45 is going to feel painful for you coming from 86 and sunny. when we moved back to chicago, i was wearing my winter coat in the high 50’s and shivering. wear layers layers layers and you will be fine. you can always remove a layer. have a blast!

  4. Jared says:

    My parents visited last year during a New England early spring. It was in the 40’s and 50’s and they froze their butts off. The key is layers, you should plan an having a minimum of 4 layers (undershirt, shirt, sweater and coat) and you can always strip off layers if you get too warm. Have fun!

  5. will says:

    45 isn’t all that bad. You should be fine with a sweater, a good coat, gloves, scarf, and cap that comes down over your ears. And that would be being very prepared. Serious snow gear shouldn’t be necessary unless you’re going to go skiing. I grew up on Guam and now live in Boston. I just came back from a walk outside where it is like 18 degrees but real feel temp is like 3 because of the wind chill, brrrrrr very cold but still mangageable as long as you have a good coat and something to protect your ears and hands. So 45 degrees and even into the low 30’s shouldn’t be too hard to adjust to quickly, especially if you moving around.
    by-the-way your site is awesome. All the great pics make me home sick 😉 . . . and missing the warm weather (sigh). Guam really is paradise!

  6. Ang says:

    To begin, you will need to bring some jeans or a few pairs of thick pants, which i think should suffice, w/ a few sweaters..lol.. no tank tops.. is all i gotta say.. unelss.. lol… nevermind..
    just think of the coldest day here and add another 30 degrees..

  7. Joie says:

    The key to staying warm is layering. 45 degrees F is about how cold it is right now before sunrise in my neck of the woods. I still walk out with a light sweater and pants but I’m probably just used to it.
    I would recommend layering and a light jacket, maybe a peacoat or a think ski jacket. Any chance of rain?
    have fun!

  8. Haji says:

    Try this: go down to Cost-U-Less and go into their walk-in fridge!
    I agree with the layering: I’m wearing 4 cotton layers now (at my computer). Cotton breathes, so it is ok for indoor/outdoor stuff like shopping. Add a leather jacket outside as a wind breaker, and the current 18F is tolerable (in Korea, only a couple hundred miles north-west from Japan).

  9. brent says:

    layering is the key. and a good scarf and gloves are really good. got to keep the neck warm (a little survival secret). good luck, have a blast.

  10. Raquel says:

    Seems like you received pretty good advice here. My tip is to bring a few tissues–one tends to get the sniffles when it’s cold like that and you’re outdoors. At least that’s my experience. Have a great time!

  11. marj says:

    im from guam and now i live in florida. its in the 60s now and i need to wear a big jacket outside coz after three years away from the island, im STiLL not used to the cold!! id imagine 45 being really cold for an island girl!! keep warm!!

  12. christine says:

    it also depends on the windchill factor… if you’re used to the cold, 45 isn’t so bad. but coming straight from guam, i think you’d need to bundle up a bit. perhaps bring a lot of light stuff to layer and one bulky jacket, preferably w/a hood. w/gloves, hat and scarf you should be good to go.

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