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Blah Blah Blah

Not much going on. Monday’s planned hike to Inarajan Falls was a bust on account of the rainy weather. Instead we went to the mall, ate huli huli chicken and red rice for lunch and watched The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was funny for sure, but I was pretty bummed about the weather and having to cancel our original plans. It continues to rain and I guess I should just shut up about the weather already because, Hello! We ARE in the rainy season.
The In-Laws left for home (Annapolis) this morning. They weren’t expected to leave until the end of this month, but urgent family business calls them home. Hopefully next year after their visit to Guam we’ll be on the plane with them to spend a couple of weeks on the east coast. We’ve been planning on going for ages, but I really like having money in savings and two round trip tickets to Baltimore will set us back almost three grand. Gah. That’ll leave a dent. So hey, feel free to send me some Continental OnePass miles anytime you’re feeling generous.
Last night we had dinner with Addison’s parents at the Top o the Mar. While I was in the buffet line, all of a sudden a large group of very tall guys swarmed the table and had me surrounded. After a while I noticed their uniforms and jackets…they were The Harlem Globetrotters! They’re on island to do a show for the military, but no public (civilian) shows are scheduled. Sad. Oh well, I got to see them years ago at the UOG Fieldhouse. Good show.
Great. Now I can’t seem to get the Harlem Globetrotter’s theme song out of my head!

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  1. Brother says:

    I never knew they had a theme song.

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